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2020-07-11 20:10:35

    The fund of S. Parajanov Museum was established in 1988, after the first exhibition of Parajanov's artworks organized by the State Museum of Folk Art of Armenia.

In the same year, in the ethnographic region "Dzoragyugh", a building was allocated for the house-museum of S. Parajanov.

Part of his collection was bought by the state for forty thousand rubles from him, and the other part he personally donated to his museum.

    The main part of the collection consists of 1637 exhibits.

    -  Paradjanov's works: collages, installations, assemblages, drawings, dolls, hats, sketches for films

    -  the director's correspondence: letters addressed to Lily Brick, A. Tarkovsky, Yu. Nikulin, V. Katanyan other cultural figures

    -  furniture and personal belongings from the Tbilisi house

    -  gifts from the artists, who portrayed Parajanov in their works, or were inspired by his art

    During the years, the fund of the museum had been replenished, today is still being replenished and enriched thanks to the devotees of Parajanov’s art.

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  • Yerevan, Dzoragiugh Ethnographic centre, bld. 15, 16

  • Get to the museum from the side of Paronyan 15 building.

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